Talks about this "JV" have been going on for several years and, of course, even today this vision has not lost its significance, especially at a time of global crises in the market and beyond. Following the introduction of special economic measures on suppliers by EU countries, which increased the cost of importing many industrial products into Euro-Asian Economic Union countries, it was necessary to find a solution to continue to supply such a popular product as seamless high-pressure steel bottle to markets. We are pleased that this project was a success and met the expectations of our shareholders, says Vladimír Kufa, director of the Belarusian company.

It is the result of long negotiations of the founder of CYLINDERS HOLDING, a.s. - Jan Světlík with his Belarusian partners, thanks to which the first and technologically most modern plant for the production of seamless high-pressure steel cylinders in the territory of the Euro-Asian Economic Union was created.

The implementation team of this company managed the difficult conditions in which the installation and precise adjustment of the unique production technology was performed. This has been designed to ensure maximum automated operation of the production line and thus adequate productivity.

It is worth noting that local workers not only had to cope with the pitfalls of launching new production facilities, but also had to adopt key "European" technological and qualitative habits that played a key role. This right strategy led to the company reaching its technical capacities in the first quarter of 2020 and producing approximately 4,000 bottles per month.

Even during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the capacities of the Belarusian plant did not remain unfulfilled, and we dealt with a small decline in the local market through mutual cooperation with the Czech sister company Vítkovice Cylinders, a.s.

The main market for Cylinders Bel's products is, of course, the countries of the Euro-Asian Economic Union.

Based on daily negotiations with our business partners and despite the current market instability, we can state that our new Belarusian production plant - Cylinders Bel, has already gained its strong position as a supplier of top steel cylinders and plans to further develop its activities.

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