We are ready for hydrogen boom 18. 6. 2019

We are ready for hydrogen boom

Hydrogen technology is changing the world! This is evidencedby the many emerging projects on various continents. Focus is primarily the USand China, with China currently experiencing massive developments in purehydrogen electro mobility in government-defined areas, such as Nanhai. Here,several hundred fuell-cell buses and several hundred light transport feull-cellvehicles are being put into service for daily delivery of parcels, mail, food, etc. China is primarily focusing on the 350 bar filling of the aforementionedvehicles and is actively engaged in development heavy transport wagons. Withthis philosophy, the necessity of storing a considerable amount of hydrogen atevery filling station, where hydrogen is always transported from the nearestchemical plants, is closely linked. One locally produced bus on board carriesabout 50 kg of hydrogen and a min. 5,500 kg of hydrogen stored on site. Withthis philosophy, new filling station projects come with the need to store up to 10,000 kg of hydrogen at 450-500 bar. A similar trend can also be observed inthe US, where heavy transport vehicles are becoming a reality, and there is nowa view of the construction of hydrogen filling stations with the need to storeup to 8,000 kg of hydrogen. And for that, our companies are ready, thanks to the newly developed high-volume 500-bar storage units that can beproduced in accordance with European, American and Chinese standards.

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