Cylinders Holding Put into Operation the Biggest CNG Filling Station in Poland

SOSNOVEC (PL)/ OSTRAVA, 13 September 2017 - Today, Cylinders Holding ceremonially put into operation the biggest CNG filling station in Sosnovec, Poland. It is considered the parent station, which means that besides passenger cars and trucks, it can also fill a container with the capacity of 5,200 m3 situated on a trailer very quickly, and thus it is a mobile resource of compressed natural gas, a virtual gas pipeline.

It is used for distribution of gas to other CNG filling stations, to the industry and households. In addition, it is an operating reserve source of energy - for hospitals, for example,” said Jan Světlík, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Cylinders Holding.

The filling station, which is situated in the premises of Vítkovice Milment, a member of Cylinders Holding, has the most efficient technology so far with four times higher compressor capacity compared to regular filling stations. The compressor capacity (1,000 m3/hour) makes it possible to fill 50 Skoda Octavia type cars or 4 buses in an hour. The station can fill a huge virtual gas pipeline (under the pressure of 250 bar) in 4 hours. Other stations need 3 days to do so.

The filling station has 3 dispensing points for filling of vehicles and one dispensing point for filling of containers. It is a self-service station with non-stop operation. Besides others, it meets the EU regulation ordering membership countries to create an alternative infrastructure of fuel supplying. Gas from Milmet is already supplied to MPC Poland Tychy, which operates bus transport.

The filling station in Sosnovec, Poland, was supplied by Vítkovice Doprava, a member of Vítkovice machinery group. It is operated by Vítkovice Milmet. The filling station fills buses and high-capacity containers, but also vehicles for municipal waste collection and private passenger cars.

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