Product applications

To meet the needs of our customers, we offer and continuously expand our solutions in the form of cylinders applications such as: storages, bundles, containers, trailers and comprehensive safe solution for compressed gas transport, which we generally call a virtual gas pipeline.

Storages and bundles

We offer a wide range of products for the storage and transport of technical gases, CNG and hydrogen. Many different types of bundles are used in industry, construction, for repairs or replacement gas supply.

Stationary storages with a wide range of capacities and pressures from 200 bar up to 1000 bar are mainly used as gas storages for filling stations, high-pressure gaseous fuel storages tanks (natural gas or hydrogen) or high-pressure expansion vessels.

Transportable bundles are suitable for transporting less gas to small filling stations or for gas supply in smaller industrial sites and households.

Bundles and storages are PED or TPED certified.


Transportable MEGC or AB-roll gas containers are used for the storage or transport of large quantities of technical gases, CNG and hydrogen. The construction and connection of cylinders in containers conforms to the ADR / RID / IMDG (maritime transport) standards and is unified according to dimensional standards (dimensions of ship containers or AB-roll).


Trailer gas tanks or battery vehicles for the transport of gases are manufactured in accordance with ADR regulations and supplied for working pressures of 200, 250 or max. 300 bar and a maximum volume of 22 000 liters depending on the type of gas and technology used. These products serve primarily to transport the gas from one location to another.

Filling stations

We offer supply and installation of CNG filling stations. Stations are designed as stationary objects supplied with natural gas from a gas pipeline or a mobile filling station where there is no gas pipeline and gas is delivered through our transport applications such as containers, trailers and bundles. The capacity of the station is customized to the needs of the customer.

Virtual gas pipelines

Virtual gas pipeline is a concept for a product group and devices, that serves as a substitute for conventional gas pipelines. It will provide gas supplies to destinations that are not connected to gas pipelines, industrial sites, CNG filling stations or can provide temporary gas supplies in case of unexpected events.

We offer a comprehensive gas supply solution from source to place of use. These solutions include:

• gas compression (filling)
• gas transportation
• connections and reductions for connection to the local gas pipeline

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