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CNG sale

Using its experience within the range of own applications and products, the Cylinders Holding group also provided natural gas (CNG) for external customers by:

  • own stationary refueling stations,
  • gas supply to consumers using a virtual gas supply system.

The Holding has its own network of stations in Poland and Czech Republic.


The experienced team of experts in the Cylinders Holding group is able to implement various types of pressure components testing in terms of non-destructive tests, pressure tests up to the pressure of 2000 bar and fatigue tests.

Periodical testing of cylinders

Within providing services to customers, who are owners of low pressure or high pressure cylinders, we are able to carry out a complex periodic testing of cylinders by a classic method (hydrostatic or ultrasonic testing) in our production sites in the Czech Republic and Poland. We also have the possibility to carry out periodic tests of both cylinders and different units to our customers using the acoustic emission method, directly on their area, without the need to dismantle cylinders or bundles.

Lease of cylinders, bundles, containers, trailers

An integral part of providing complex services to our customers in the fields connected with the compressed gas transport is the realization of the lease of both single cylinders and also cylinders installed in the units.

This solution significantly reduces the investment costs of our customers, and it also relieves customers of bearing additional costs associated with legalization of cylinders.

Special non-destructive testing

The Cylinders Holding group has a unique non-destructive testing technology (so-called acoustic emission), which can be used not only for testing Cylinders Holding’s products and its applications, but also for other pressure systems (pressure pipeline, pressure fittings, boilers, etc.). This method is unique due to the range of tested pressure levels and mobility, which guarantees the possibility of testing anywhere in the world in a short period of time.

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