The Cylinders Holding group is strategically focused on the production of low-pressure and high-pressure cylinders, vessels and related products and applications using these products as the basic components of their systems and final products.

We constantly improve our products in terms of:

  • increasing the safety of our products users,
  • reducing the weight of products in order to cut the exploitation costs by our customers,
  • extending products life by using innovative coatings, including innovative technology “APS Extreme”.

High-pressure seamless steel cylinders

In the production of high-pressure seamless steel cylinders, we are globally the most experienced manufacturer with a completely unique, more than centenary tradition of this product. Since 1906, our companies have produced and delivered to clients more than 25 million pieces of cylinders. The product portfolio covers a wide range of high-pressure steel cylinders and pressure vessels made using the unique method of reverse extrusion from a block of steel, or from seamless steel tubes.

The assortment of seamless steel cylinders is used in the following market segments:

  • steel cylinders for medical gases and medical technologies,
  • steel cylinders for CNG, for both the automotive industry and refueling stations storages and virtual gas pipelines,
  • steel cylinders for fire extinguishing technologies, especially for stationary fire extinguishing systems,
  • steel cylinders for scuba diving and respiration equipment,
  • steel cylinders for food industry and beverage industry,
  • accumulator shells and pressure vessels.

Welded steel cylinders

We are a European leader in the production of this type of products with more than 50 years of experience. Until 2017, we have manufactured over 30 million pieces of cylinders. The goal of the adopted strategy is to exceed 1.5 million pieces of cylinders per year. Welded cylinders are made of steel plate, using pressing and welding technology.

Fields of low-pressure welded steel cylinders application:

  • cylinders for individual household use,
  • cylinders for tourism and leisure activities,
  • cylinders for industrial use,
  • cylinders for refrigeration technologies.

Grinding media

We are a manufacturer of steel grinding balls with over 80 years of tradition. Until 2017, we have manufactured over 500 000 tons of such products. Currently, grinding balls are produced by steel bars rolling technology.

These products are mainly used in:

  • mills for cement production,
  • mills for grinding metal ores,
  • mills for grinding coals in power plants.

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