Response to letter from Google 8. 11. 2022

Response to letter from Google

Response to letter from Google and others ( calling for stricter rules on hydrogen production in the EU
If we want to quickly and successfully launch and promote hydrogen technologies in the EU, we must not set unenforceable rules right from the start, while the rest of the world, including the USA, follows a reasonable path that has been proven several times in the past. Let's bring the given technology to the market, let's create the conditions for its mass expansion. As soon as this is achieved, only then will we introduce the well-known rules for the application of "green" or "emission-free" hydrogen. This is exactly the way the rest of the world is going, but not Europe. That's why even in the USA, China or Southeast Asia, they are much further along in implementing H2 technology than we are here in Europe.

Let's not be dogmatic, let's be pragmatic. Only in this way will we be able to achieve climate neutrality and the promotion of green technologies. The opposite procedure will, on the contrary, lead to a slowdown, which we are already observing.

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