TOP from the year 2017 7. 1. 2018

TOP from the year 2017

240 m – Sebastian Marczewski achieved the European record 240 m in diving with diving cylinders from VÍTKOVICE CYLINDERS

300 kg – For the charitable second hand MOMENT we managed to collect 300 g od clothes, shoes and toys

1 000 m3 – In the company VÍTKOVICE  MILMET we put into operation the CNG filling station with the highest  filling capacity in Poland 1 000 m3 / hod.

1 380 bar – The company VÍTKOVICE CYLINDERS delivered first pressure vessels with the unbelievable pressure of 1 380 bar

2 000 – On the Openining Days in VÍTKOVICE CYLINDERS the production lines were visited by more tha 2 000 visitors

17 070 Kč – We gained this amount on the workshops  for children on Colours of Ostrava and donated a non profit organization  for the relax room

1 263 674 – The company VÍTKOVICE MILMET made a  record in the number of produced welded cylinders per year in its  history, which started in the year 1966

14 000 000 – The company VÍTKOVICE CYLINDERS has produced 14 000 000 seamless high pressure steel cylinders from the year 1906

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