From a Historical Emblem to a Positive Symbol 30. 5. 2017

From a Historical Emblem to a Positive Symbol

Communicative, modern, easy to reproduce, and with a completely new  type of script. This is how an expert would describe the new logo of  Cylinders Holding. Its authors, Aleš Najbrt, Bohumil Vašák and Ondřej  Kahánek, do not themselves object to the simplification that the  historical logo of 1828, which somewhat referred to the past in this  millennium, turned, thanks to their work, into almost a graphical smile,  which we regularly add to encouraging messages.

It is not easy to create a new logo and maintain all respect to history  at the same time. In addition, everything must be internationally  comprehensible and arouse emotions. A brand that arouses no emotions in  anyone is no good. Being aware of the fact that Cylinders Holding  separated from the original machinery brand of Vítkovice Machinery  Group, top specialists of graphical studio Najbrt used the assignment  above and designed a new brand to be gradually communicated to all  clients of steel cylinders and vessels all over the world. “That  positive emotion of a smile, which was created by opening the letter V  in width and replacing the original historical W, from which we created a  closed circle by clearing and simplifying the shape of the original  logo, is not amiss,” says Bohumil Vašák of studio Najbrt on behalf of  the authors. According to the authors of the new logo of Cylinders  Holding, the original sharp shape, which reminded laymen of an old man  with a beard, matched neither modern marketing, nor the grace of the  products - cylinders with elegant rounded shapes and a smooth surface.  Aleš Najbrt, Bohumil Vašák and Ondřej Kahánek were looking for an  intersection between accurate working of cylinders, current technologies  (CNG, hydrogen, etc.) and history. The result is nice and smart at the  same time. In fact, the authors found inspiration in one of the  cutting-edge technologies used by Cylinders Holding. Just have a look at  the logo and then the innards of the forging machine, which gives the  products of Cylinders Holding a competitive advantage, and everything  will be clear to you. Accurate and soft treatment, perfect shaping of  metal and, in addition, a smile that every customer of Cylinders Holding  should keep on their face. Moreover, the authors managed to achieve a  unique link: studio Najbrt chose a brand new graphical type of script  for the new logo of the newly established holding. The author of that  refined type of script is Tomáš Brousil, whose surname Brousil means  “refined”. So, on the basis of the “nomen omen” principle, it belongs to  the precision of the production of Cylinders Holding. The circle is  closing. Cylinders Holding will start using the new logo officially at  the beginning of June this year. The new logo well appear on products,  advertising items, forms, buildings, cars and everything that Cylinders  Holding presents to customers.

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