Vítkovice Cylinders: BOOT 2017 in Germany 9. 2. 2017

Vítkovice Cylinders: BOOT 2017 in Germany

At the end of January, VÍTKOVICE CYLINDERS, a member of Cylinders  Holding, in partnership with HIGH TECH DIVING, participated in an  international exhibition of boats, yachts, ships, water sports and  accessories called “BOOT 2017” in Düsseldorf, Germany. The trade fair,  which was organised in the spirit of motto “Experience Water Sport from  360°”, was attended by approximately 1,800 exhibitors from 60 countries.  Via its German business partner, VÍTKOVICE CYLINDERS offered the entire  assortment of diving cylinders. It also introduced its absolute unique  piece - a stainless diving cylinder with unique properties.

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