From history to the presence

1906 Commencement of seamless steel tube cylinder production in Ostrava

1926 Commencement of seamless steel cylinder production in Sosnowiec

1954 Commencement of forged milling ball production in Ostrava

1966 Commencement of welded cylinder production in Sosnowiec

1991 Commencement of reverse extrusion technology in Ostrava

1995 Commencement of 300/450 bar steel cylinder production in Ostrava

1997 New production line for small cylinders in Ostrava

2008 Commencement of the biggest high-pressure steel cylinder production in the world by back extrusion method (water capacity 260 L) in Ostrava

2011 New production line for CNG cylinders in Sosnowiec

2016 Commencement of 1100 bar hydrogen tank production